3 Benefits of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in Your Marketing

3 Benefits of CRM in Your Marketing. When you combine CRM with marketing automation, you get more than a new system. You create a powerful marketing and sales tool that can improve the quality of your lead generation, make your market to sales handoff more efficient, automate marketing campaigns, and do much more. Marketers will… Read more »

Starting your own business?

Starting your own business? Here are some key internal and external considerations to consider before starting your journey. 1. INTERNAL CONSIDERATIONS • What is your product/service? • Who is your target market? • What is your business structure? – Sole trader – Partnership – Company • What is your mission/vision statement? • What type of… Read more »

7 Top Ways To Get More Followers On Social Media.

If you want to grow your social media account then you should be actively looking for new ways to get extra followers. The more followers you get, the larger the number of people that each of your new posts will be automatically broadcast to. This is ultimately one of the primary objectives of social media… Read more »

Why you shouldn’t use a Business Plan template

Don’t get me wrong, business plans and other business related template documents have helped loads of people put their business ideas together. It is probably a great start! But the good old template with generalised statements about the business and unrealistic financial projections has come under the radar as an unreliable source of information. Even… Read more »

Spirituality Through Books

Vera Lucia Lima talks about her current book “When the Angels Say Amen” and gratitude Vera Lucia Lima has been a writer and spiritual channel since she was young, but only now received God’s permission to channel the real history of the Cherokee Indians through their leader, Shaman White Wolf. The spiritualist was born in… Read more »

A Video is Worth a Thousand Words

Se cadastre, comente e compartilhe. Voce pode ganhar um vídeo promocional para o seu negócio! A Net Brasil vai te dar um vídeo promocional e para participar é muito simples, basta seguir os passos abaixo: COMO PARTICIPAR: 1. Fazer parte do site da Net Brasil (para se cadastrar basta clicar aqui) 2. Publique uma foto que convença a… Read more »