Starting your own business?

Starting your own business?

Here are some key internal and external considerations to consider before starting your journey.


• What is your product/service?

• Who is your target market?

• What is your business structure?
– Sole trader
– Partnership
– Company

• What is your mission/vision statement?

• What type of insurance will you arrange for your business to manage any potential risks?


• Who are your competitors?

• What are their strengths and weaknesses and how can this enhance the achievement of your business goals?

• What are the regulatory requirements that need to be met or upheld before and throughout your business journey?

– Registration (name, company)
– Are you considering on trademarking your business name?
– Licensing, permits
– Tax obligations

Pre-planning is the key to the success of your business. These considerations give you the steps you need to give your new business the best possible start. Good Lucky!

By Fatima Marquez


Davi Cunha

Olá Moro em Sydney atualmente e estou com visto de estudante… Sou empresário no Brasil e gostaria de empreender aqui na Austrália… Gostaria de uma acessória

Rodrigo Machado

Hi Fatima,
My names is Rodrigo (brazilian),haha. I was wondering about the service that you guys offer regarding “Business Plan” assistance, i’ve got a rough idea about business plan but Im looking to get a proper one, how it is supposed to be professional wise. I’d be willing to swing by for a consultation.
Let me know how we can organise a day/time, my phone is 0415540874 .

Profile photo of Net Brasil Net Brasil

Hi Rodrigo, thank you so much for contact us and comment on the post. Fatima wrote that especially for Net Brasil and we are happy to help you with your needs. We will give you a call regards to the Business Plan.

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